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We are so excited to finally introduce our new felt pads! They convince with a natural, functional material as well as visually with colour-matching combinations between saddle and pads. They are made of 100% wool felt - a pure natural material with excellent breathable and moisture-regulating properties which is extremely durable.The anatomically shaped saddle pads adapt to the shape of the horse's back over time due to the elastic material and are also shock absorbing.The three different cuts of the blankets are specially tailored to our baroque line. The blankets are available in three colors: white, gray and black. The slight price difference of the black option is due to a more elaborate production and colouring.The leather inlay (Wear Leather) is not only a visual highlight, it also protects the felt from rubbing against the leg. The leather colour can be chosen individually to match your saddle colours. Upon request, various finishes such as an antique finish are possible.


Dimensions: 19" drop x 23" long

The felt is 1cm thick.

DP Wool Felt Baroque Saddle Pad

PriceFrom $415.00
GST Included
  • Please note this product may not be in stock and will need to be specially ordered. Wait time will vary.

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