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DP Ambassador

We are so proud to have Carlos as our ambassador for our saddles and accessories! He is both an incredible horse person who truly places the horses comfort and spirit above all else. You could say Carlos has an Holistic approach to horsemanship. Holistic horsemanship goes far beyond just training a horse, it's a true heartfelt belief that the horse is our teacher, and that we need to learn how to listen to them. We need to better our understanding of them so we can truly have a mutually beneficial relationship with our horses. 

I have been lucky enough to have a couple of lessons recently with Carlos and my 2 spotty boys, and I can honestly say, I have never found 'training' to be presented in such a simple and easy to understand way. Carlos really breaks it down for you and many light bulb moments were had! He is so gentle and infinitely patient with the horses. There is no flag waiving, no spurs, and no whips. 100% gentle horse training. See below for a great video and contact details for Carlos.

Carlos rides in the DP FF1805 Old Style 'Vaquero' Saddle. Feel free to reach out to him to hear what he has to say about DP saddles.

Carlo Tabernaberri

Whispering Acres
Kilmore Victoria
p: 0414 380 396

Australian-based trainer Carlos Tabernaberri is known worldwide for the remarkable results he achieves, whether handling foals, starting young horses, improving the performance of competition and pleasure horses, or rehabilitating abused horses. Carlos has been described as the ‘next generation of horsemen’ and the ‘gentlest horseman yet to touch a horse’. He’s also been described as the ‘only horseman who truly puts the horse first’.

As Carlos grew up in Argentina, he watched the “traditional” way of “breaking in” horses, as it is called. Saddened by this approach, he decided he wanted to follow the horse, his master teacher. He became passionate about schooling horses by establishing a sound foundation through understanding and trust, not force. He learned from the horses themselves and, in return, made a moral contract with them to be their tireless advocate and to share this knowledge.

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