How to fit a DP Saddle
Pre & Post Purchase

We are here to assist you with fitting your saddle via email and photos if you do not have an independent saddle fitter in your area. Our ability to assist  you accurately is highly dependent on the photos you provide to us. Please ensure that no strong shadows are being cast on your horse but make sure you are in good light, an overcast day is ideal. Please see example photos below. Click on them for more information. Please note these are not always examples of good or bad saddle fit, they are purely meant to be used as a "photo taking" guide, so you can send us good usable photos for saddle fit assessment. 

Adjusting a DP Saddle
How to select the correct channel width
How to measure your horses saddle support area
How to measure your horses saddle support area
Please click on photos to ENLARGE and for further explanations:
Correct stance for assessment
Horse is on even ground, head is in a neutral position and the horse is standing square. Photographer has taken the photo from the correct height also: directly side-on. Full marks!
Good for shoulder angle assessment
Please note horse does not need to be wet ;)
Too many shadows being cast.
Photo taken under a tree on a sunny day = not good for saddle fit assessment.
Good photo to assess saddle balance
The active part of the seat (where you sit) should be level with the ground, so you feel balanced when riding i.e.: not tipped forwards and not tipped backwards.
Excellent even light.
Level seat indicates the gullet width is correct.
Shadows being cast.
This is actually a good angle to take a photo for tree angle assessment but the pad and the shadows make it impossible to see this.
No shadows being cast.
Excellent for assessing tree angle at the front of the saddle.
Good photo angle and no shadows
Great for assessing angles at the rear of the saddle.
Mane in the way...
Also a good angle and photo for assessing tree angle but make sure your horses mane is out of the way.
Good light & no shadows...
In this photo it is very easy to see that the tree angle (though in this case the saddle is treeless), matches the horses shoulder well. Would be even better without the pad.
Perfect photo to assess tree angle:
This is the perfect example of what we need to be able to assess if you have adjusted the gullet correctly with the Allen Wrench. Best not to use a saddle pad for photos.
Taken from too high an angle
Also sharp shadow is being cast so cannot actually see how the saddle is angled against the shoulder.
Mane in way and taken too close
This photo does tell us something but would have been better without the mane in the way.
DP Fitting Grid...
Hire one of our fitting grids which you mould to your horses back. Send back to us and we'll try it inside our saddles. Perfect pre-purchase peace of mind!
DP Fitting Grid cont'd
Here you can clearly see how the spines make contact with the centre point of both panels - perfect fit!
DP Fitting Grid.
A Closer view. Nice contact with every spine in the middle of the panel. This saddle will be an ideal fit for this horse.
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Send us photos of your horse. Please ensure that your horse is standing square, on level ground, with head and neck in a neutral position (not grazing and not too high). Side-on photos are most helpful, ensuring whole horse nose to tail is in frame. Taking photos on an over-cast day is often best as no sharp shadows are being cast under and around the saddle. Please see sample photos below.
Important information for your saddle fitter
Unlike most English type saddles, the DP panels are attached to the underside of the tree via screws and screw-in rings only. This allows for easy access to the flocking by your saddle fitter. The photo below shows the slits that are pre-cut which allow for easy flocking access.

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