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Please note that all orders are confirmed with you in writing before being sent to DP Saddlery.


Our Wade Saddle is the perfect roping saddle for any rider. With four gullet widths including Full Quarter Horse Bars + 1", and three fender lengths available, you'll have no trouble finding the perfect fit. Our saddles are made with high quality materials and are built to last, even in the most demanding environments. With so many customisation options available, you're sure to get the perfect saddle for your needs!

Price is for base model only.


Tree: DP Wade – wooden tree, fiberglass covered

Gullet: FIXED GULLET available in: 01 SQH 6.0", 02 QH 6.5", 03 FQH 7.0", 04 FFQH 8.0". (We will contact you to discuss gullet width once your order has been received).

Click here to view western Pro series trees available.

Sweep of bars: Medium.

Wither clearance: Low

Shoulder clearance: Strong 90 degree bar angle

Saddle leather: Natural, chestnut, havanna, black

Seat leather: Hard seat

Front Rigging: Flat Plate Powder River Rigging

Back Rigging: Leather slot

Hardware: 6x leather conchos, latigo strings

Horn: leather with horn wrap and rope straps

Stirrups: Rawhide

Weight: approximately 35 lbs.

Skirt length: approximately 28” / 11.5”

Specials: back cinch, hobble keeper left of cantle, rope strap, horn wrap​

Fender Lengths (measured from the middle of the seat to the tread of the stirrups)

Shortest setting: S 70 cm (approx. 27.5 inches) M  77 cm (approx. 30.3 inches) L 84 cm (approx. 33 inches)

Longest setting: S 88 cm (approx. 34.6 inches) M 93 cm (approx. 36.6 inches) L 101 cm (approx. 39.7 inches).

RIGGING OPTIONS: The term "rigging" is used to refer to how the cinch strap attaches to the saddle to hold the saddle in place. Most popular riggings are C and D Rings. Most of our riggings are built In-Skirt, meaning that the rings are directly built into the leather skirting of the saddle. Because of that, there is very little material between the riders leg and the horse and enables a closer contact and correct riding aids. Rigging options are model-dependent - Please ask us! 


SADDLE LEATHER: When we build your saddle, we are committed to using only the best vegetable tanned leather we can get our hands on. We are offering a large variety of colors to choose from, leaving you with only one question: Which one is your favorite? The appearance of your saddle is greatly influenced by a combination of Saddle Leather (Skirting (Smooth) Leather) and Seat Leather (Nappa or Nubuck Leather or Suede). 


SEAT LEATHER: You can choose from three different types of leather when deciding on your seat leather. Nappa Leather is a soft leather, with a lightly structured surface. Nubuck & Aspen Leather is of velvet-like feel with a rough out structure on the surface, which helps tremendously with adherence. Special colors available upon request (Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, pattern, etc.) - upcharge applies.


See the Flex Fit Information page for colours and tooling photos.

Wade Saddle - Pro Series - Non Adjustable

GST Included
ETA is 16 weeks approx.
  • Made to order saddles take 16 weeks approx.

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