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The undersides of the Champ Pads are completely made of genuine sheepskin. The backline is perfectly shaped to your horses back and fits to common Endurance saddles.



Black quilt with Natural sheepskin

Brown quilt with Natural sheepskin

One size only. Measurements: Spine 26.5" Flap drop 19".


Christ Saddle Pads are made with 100% medically tanned sheepskin. These quality pads fit a large variety of saddles. Can fit English, endurance, and treeless saddles. This lush wool sheepskin pad provides cushion, back protection, and wicks moisture away from the back. The outer twill fabric is durable and breathable, the nylon at the bottom of flap helps with wear and tear.

On both sides of the spine channel are pockets that allow you to add inserts for extra back protection or to help with saddle fit. Inserts are made of soft, composite foam and are 1/2" (15 mm) thick.

Remove inserts before washing. Machine washable with mild soap like Kookaburra Wash. Dry flat, out of direct sun. DO NOT put in dryer.

Recommended with Startrekk Western comfort and English comfort!

Christ Endurance "Champ" Pad

SKU: CH5212
PriceFrom $315.00
GST Included
ETA 8-16 weeks approx
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