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The Spanish-style bareback riding pad. The seat is made entirely of lambskin and has a depth of pile of approx. 30mm. The higher cantle and pommel provide additional stability. Removable padding on the left and right increases the seat comfort and protects the horse's back. It is especially for horses with pronounced withers that the PLUS versions of the bareback riding pads line should be used. The article is machine washable with a special lambskin detergent.


You can use this fur saddle with or without stirrups. There is a sewn on D-Ring slot to hang leathers. However if you plan on using stirrups with your fur saddle, please also purchase the corresponding Christ Champ saddle pad with inserts (see separate listing under Christ Saddle Pads). It is not recommend to do any distance riding when using sitrrups. We recommend using safety stirrups to avoid getting hung up in case of emergency. 


Which is the correct seat size?
The size of the fur saddle should be selected primarily by the riders size. Ladies up to clothing size 12 (Australian) will best fit in PO size, but can also take the WB size, if they have large-sized horses, which could make the PO size look tiny on their horses. But this is a purely aesthetic matter. Ladies 12+ size will find WB size most comfortable. Size WB will also fit smaller horses and ponies. Men should choose size WB size if their sizes are 40/42 or above. There is also now a kids size Fur Saddle (SH).


The pressure is mainly located where you sit and is caused by the bones of your pelvis. Just like riding without a saddle, except that the CHRIST fur saddles protect your horses back via lambskin cushion underneath the saddle, the composite upholstery (padding inside) and the seat's lambskin and together distribute the pressure along the horses back. 


Since CHRIST fur saddles do not have a fixed saddle tree, they are ideally suited for every horses' back. Yes, every single one of them. This is particularly helpful if you're fitting a sway backed horse, or extremely short backed horses, or are dealing with symmetry issues. CHRIST fur saddles are a great alternative and often the only way to ride these horses again.


Fur saddles don't have to be fitted, because only soft and very flexible materials are used and nothing hinders or restricts the movements of the horse, therefore, CHRIST fur saddles suit all horses.


Premium Plus SH measurements:

Saddle length = 42 cm / 16.54 inches

Flap length = 32 cm / 12.6 inches

Flap width = 30 cm / 11.8 inches

From the front of the pommel to the back of the pommel it is 10 cm / 4 inches


Seat sizing of the SH Fur Saddles:

Seat length for the Basic Plus/ Premium Plus in SH size saddle = approx 28 cm / 11 inches

Seat length for the Iberica Plus in SH size = 22 cm / 8.5 inches.

Christ "Iberica Plus" Fur Saddle

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  • All Christ items are final sales and are non-returnable, due to the fact that they will fit your horse and do not require a trial period.

  • shipment arriving in Australia 3rd week of July 2024.

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