Quantum With Fenders / Dressage Flap

The Quantum Saddle with Fenders is a super comfortable Saddle without a horn, wool-flocked panels with a larger surface for optimal weight distribution. Ultra-Flex Tree provides maximum stability while the padded seat provides a luxurious and most comfortable ride for many hours for the rider. Suitable for Trail, Endurance, Hobby and light Dressage training. The Fenders can be removed and replaced with a Dressage Flap (see photo) - This is a highly adaptable saddle! Fenders for the trail and Dressage Flap for the Arena! What could be better?

Saddle Tree: Ultra-Flex-tree with fully adjustable arch
Saddle Leather: Black, African, Havanna, Natural, Chestnut 
Seat Leather: Black, Brown, Cognac, Sand in Nappa or Nubuck
Seat Sizes: S1, S2 & S3. See Information Page for sizing

Hardware: Brass or Stainless Steel
Tooling: See Information Page
Stirrups: Wooden Western Fender, Rawhide covered. Wooden Visalia Stirrups are available as an upcharge.
Weight: 9 kg
Saddle Skirt Length: 51 cm and weight bearing length much shorter again!
Seat Jockey Length: 35 cm
Girthing system: 2 long billets for use with a 2 buckle short girth (not included).

If your saddle needs to be made to order, please allow 3-4 months for it to arrive.

If your saddle is in supplier stock, please allow 3-6 weeks for it to arrive.