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The DP Startrekk Classic Endurance Saddle is an excellent choice for those looking for a treeless endurance saddle. Its unique design allows for optimal rider position, ensuring maximum comfort during long rides. The saddle features a changeable pommel, allowing for easy customization to fit your horse's withers. The treeless construction provides a closer connection between horse and rider, promoting better communication and a more natural feel. With its durable construction and comfortable design, the DP Startrekk Classic Endurance Saddle is the perfect choice for serious endurance riders.


Suit new buyer!

16" western seat

N3F pommel (widest and flattest available)

Treeless with changeable pommel system (widest and flattest fitted to the demo saddle).

African skirting leather

Brown nubuck seat and buck rolls

Rawhide Stirrups

Moveable EVA foam velcro panels

Short Fenders.


DP Startrekk Classic Endurance Saddle

SKU: S2 endurance classic African
AU$3,260.00 Regular Price
AU$2,400.00Sale Price
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