Mattes Eurofit Dressag Saddle Pad + Sheepskin Trim + Panels + Correction System

Mattes Eurofit Dressag Saddle Pad + Sheepskin Trim + Panels + Correction System

Mattes Cotton pad with front and rear sheepskin trim and sheepskin panels (as in photo).


Mattes Quilt and Design: 
- High quality twill fabric, as used to produce heavy duty work clothing.- The inside is double laminate of POLYFLEX © (deep needled polyester felt) and polyester wadding - this construction is absolutely air permeable.


- MATTES © Quilt-Design results in a quilt that is firm enough to keep its shape. It does not get lumpy and it does not turn limp. Thus it has excellent washing and drying properties. Even after many washings there is no breaking of the laminate along the seams.

- Anatomical correct shape with high wither cut, hence no pressure in the wither area.

A functional, high quality product, though highly fashionable with a choice of more than 25 quilt-, lambskin and piping colours. Simple installation and correct positioning under the saddle because of the padded front trim (where ordered) and adjustable front billets.

Additionally it should be washed in the washing machine and tumble dried like any other MATTES product. This was an absolute material requirement for this product.

The soft upper padding is about double the volume than our normal pads, which gives it the quilting a beautifully raised surface structure and look.

The POLY-FLEX© layer prevents, amongst other things, any  deformation of the pad, like all MATTES-pads.


This listing is for the single pocket Correction System. See seperate listing for 2 pocket Correction System.



• To compensate for changes in young horses due to their rapid development during training.

• For fully trained horses which change a lot seasonally.

• To correct irregularities in the horses build.

• To compensate for changes in the back, due to ageing. This balances the saddle beautifully.

• To compensate for unequal muscle development.

• Fitting of an initially too wide saddle on a younger horse with the possibility to reduce the shims in the future.

• Complete flexibility with adjustments using the Multi-Pocket Correction© System, according to training and muscle development.

• Due to the simplicity of the system, it is now possible to compensate for the changes in the fit of the saddle caused by changes in form and condition of the horse during the season.

The backing is polyester velour, preventing friction and chafing of the horses  skin with its upright standing fibres.


NB: Pad pictured is the Mattes Velvet Pad - see other listing.


To add rows of piping, please see seperate listings in this category.

  • ETA

    All Mattes saddle pads are custom ordered. Please allow 6-8 weeks for your pad to arrive.

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