The Quantum Western Saddle is an super comfortable Saddle with a horn, wool-flocked panels with a larger surface for optimal weight distribution. The Ultra-Flex Tree provides maximum stability while the padded seat provides a luxurious and most comfortable ride for many hours for the rider. Suitable for Trail, Endurance, Hobby and light Western training.

For those who love the classic Western Saddle but need something shorter and lighter, we have built something almost unheard of: A Western Saddle on an English tree! This amazing saddle is built on our fabulous Ultra-Flex tree with fully adjustable gullet width from narrow to super duper extra wide. It has the wool flocked panels for extra comfort for horse and rider and is fabulous for those seeking for comfort for their horse and themselves. With a softly padded seat, this saddle is also ideal for long trail rides and endurance riders (can be ordered without a horn).


NEWS!! Now available with DP's new Western Dressage Seat! Giving you the ultimate Dressage position with a narrower twist and set-back Fenders. This new seat upgrade encourages a correct rider seat, with a narrow twist and balanced seat it is also more comfortable for a lot of people. A balanced seat requires that you sit lightly on your seat bones, lightly enough that your pelvis is free to flex and roll with your horse’s movement. We did our very best to help you find this balance with this modern upgrade! You will be thrilled to learn that this saddle can be ridden in Working Equitation as well as Western Dressage disciplines. Of course, you can use it to trail ride as well. Please specify Western Dressage Seat when placing your order with us. This model can also be ordered without a horn.

Saddle Tree: Ultra-Flex-tree fully adjustable Tree
Saddle Leather: Black
Seat Leather: Black Aspen
Seat Sizes: S2 = 16" western

Channel: 8 cm

Flocking: Medium

Fenders: Medium

Hardware: Stainless Steel
Tooling: Partial Flower + Border tooling
Stirrups: Leather covered
Weight: 9-10 kg
Saddle Skirt Length: from 57 cm and weight bearing length much shorter again!
Seat Jockey Length (drop): 33 cm
Girthing system: 2 long billets for use with a 2 buckle Dressage type short girth (not included).

Extras: Western dressage seat and set back fenders.

DP Quantum Western Dressage Saddle

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