Saddle details:

S1 = 16.5-17" seat.

Fully adjustable gullet via Allen Wrench.

Ultra Flex Tree.

8 cm Channel.


An English-type saddle, the "El Campo" line was designed for All-round use, such as:  Dressage, Working Equitation, Classical Riding, Eventing, and Trail Riding.  The shoulder relief panels allow for close contact to the horse and the contact area makes this saddle perfect for long trail rides.  It's near vertical flaps make it an ideal saddle for Dressage Schooling.  The Velcro knee rolls allow an individual apation to the rider's leg.  This saddle is a reliable partner for dressage and smaller jumps.  With the continuously adjustable gullet width and the anatomically shaped wool flocked panels, the saddle can be adjusted to the horses back anytime.  As the saddle is kept short, it is also suitable for horses with a short back.

DP El Campo SKL Shorty Saddle

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