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The DP Avante Doublee Dressage Saddle is a top-of-the-line saddle for the discerning dressage rider. Its continuously adjustable gullet allows for a custom fit to your horse's changing shape, while the flexible tree ensures maximum comfort for your equine partner. Made from buttery soft nappa leather, this saddle exudes elegance and luxury, and is sure to turn heads in the arena. Don't settle for less - upgrade your dressage game with the DP Avante Doublee Dressage Saddle.


Tree: Ultra-Flex-tree 
Gullet: completely adjustable gullet width
Seat size: S2 (17.5")
Saddle leather: Black Nappa & Cognac Nappa
Hardware:stainless steel

Channel width: 8-10 cm
Flocking: Medium 
Weight: approx. 17 lbs
Saddle length: S2 = approx. 19 inches
Length of flap: 20 inches
Specials: Special panel design for better loin clearance.


The model Avante Dressage Doublee is a Dressage legal model, which enhances both horse and rider comfort drastically by being fully adjustable via our well known Allen Key system. It has wool flocked panels, which can be customized to fine-tune the fit even further. With it's deep and secure seat, it's the perfect choice for Classical Dressage riding, but can also be used for trail riding. The Velcro knee rolls allow an individual adaption to the rider’s leg. This saddle is a reliable partner for competitive dressage riders. With the continuously adjustable gullet width and the anatomically shaped wool flocked panels, the saddle can be adjusted to the horses back anytime. As the saddle is kept short it is also suitable for horses with a short back.


Please note that this saddle does not open up as wide as the NovaFlex dressage saddles. It has a wide U shaped head plate but the angle of the tree points is still relatively steep when comparing to the NovaFlex. Fits my Semi Quarter horse Mr T perfectly. It also has a slightly more curved tree so is not suited to horses with a straight back line eg: young horses. There are no returns due to the massive discount. It is however one of nicest saddles I personally have ever ridden in, and I've ridden in a LOT of saddles ;)

DP Avante Doublee Dressage Saddle

AU$4,700.00 Regular Price
AU$2,200.00Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
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