Demo Saddles currently available for hire
Please note, the demo saddle may not be the same colour shown in the photos.

1) A security deposit is taken via credit card, direct deposit or PayPal, in advance. Click on photos of demo saddles for the security deposit amount. These funds will be held as security against the saddle and accessories until it is returned, with nil damage. Normal wear is expected. All CC payments are processed using PayPal. Please note merchant fees can no longer be refunded due to changes with PayPal refund policy. Please also note that it can take 14 days for your refund to appear on your credit card. This is due to PayPal taking 5 business days to process refunds and 5 + business days for your credit card company to process the refund back to your card. Sucks I know!

2) You are responsible for the saddle until it is returned safely by REGISTERED POST. You are liable for postage both ways, Postal insurance is recommended on the return trip, if the saddle does go missing, your security deposit cannot be refunded. It is important that you assume full responsibility for the saddles condition & safe keeping during the trial period. Experience has shown that damage to saddles usually occurs when they are transported in a car. If you do need to transport the demo saddle, please do so using the box it came to you in.

3) The length of the trial is 10 days, this starts from when you receive the saddle, not from when it was posted to you. If you require any additional time, just reach out. If there is no one immediately waiting to trial the saddle, it should be okay. 
4) Delivery charges are dependent on location. We will deduct the postage costs and demo fee ($120) from your refund once the demo saddle has been returned as per conditions stipulated above. If you wish to place an order for a new saddle, the $120 demo fee is of course waived.


5) Saddles and all accessories, must be returned in the same condition as they were received: clean and hair free. If the saddle or accessories are returned with excessive wear and tear including scratches and dents to the leather or excessive marking on girth straps or flaps and/or stirrups, a portion of your security deposit will be retained to cover this damage. If the saddle and/or accessories are returned dirty, a cleaning fee of $25 will be deducted from your refund. 


6) Please do not wear denim jeans when riding in any of our demo saddles, or studded jeans or jeans with bling on the pockets. Silicone jodhpurs will damage the dressage saddle seats so please do not wear these either. Jodhpurs with suede seats are okay. NB. On new saddles, we have now voided any warranty if silicone jodhpurs or breeches have been worn and the seat is showing telltale damage .

7) Please print and complete the Demo Booking Form below. If the saddle is out on a demo already, you will be placed next in line. Your security deposit will not be processed until the saddle is ready to be sent to you.​

Demo Booking Form
How to fit a DP saddle

All prices are inclusive of 10% GST and are subject to change without notice

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DP Quantum Short & Light with Dressage Seat

S1 (17" English)seat. Adjustable Ultra-Flex Tree. Security deposit $5550.00