DP Amarant Saddle

The Amarant's design will have you reminiscing about a wonderful time period in our history - Baroque. It's design was inspired by the original Baroque Saddle from the Marstall-Museum of the Princely School of Riding Art in Bueckeburg, Germany. Historical, breathtaking design on the outside - and the most modern, innovative development inside! A saddle, that will allow you to ride perfectly in balance, provide a deep seat, give minimalist aids plus offers optimum distribution of weight. 

Optically, the "Amarant" and the "Buckeburger Schooling Saddle" look very much alike. While the "Buckeburger Schooling Saddle" has Velcro panels underneath that can be adjusted by the rider, the Amarant has wool flocked, French shoulder-relief panels underneath, that can be adjusted and fitted by a Saddle Fitter. Like most of our Baroque saddles, this saddle is equipped with our highly innovative Ultra-Flex tree with fully adjustable gullet via our patented Allen wrench system, which has a 5 year warranty on the tree. 

Saddle Tree:  Ultra-Flex Tree with fully adjustable gullet. Leather tree available (upcharge).
Saddle Leather: Natural, Chestnut, Havanna, Black smooth leather
Seat Leather: Sand, Cognac, Dark-Brown, Black Nappa or Nubuck
Hardware: Stainless Steel or Brass 
Seat Sizes: S1, S2 & S3. See Information Page for sizing
Tooling: Available in full flower tooling and many border tooling options 
Weight: 9 kg
Saddle Length: 54 cm (weight bearing length is less than this)
Saddle Flap Length: 44 cm
Girthing system: 2 long billets for use with a 2 buckle short girth (not included.)
Specialty:  Special Colours available (upcharge) 

If your saddle needs to be made to order, please allow 3-4 months for it to arrive.

If your saddle is in supplier stock, please allow 3-6 weeks for it to arrive.